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Everyone at Consulat is all in. Our artists lead the way, but our production is always two steps ahead.

We are a creative production agency,
striking the perfect balance between #teamproduction and #teamartists.

At the crossroads of art and advertising, our achievements are built on a solid foundation elaborated by artists and at the service of its creative talent.
With refined tastes and big ideas, Consulat always remains true to itself. Reliable and agile in all circumstances, anything is possible.

Discover the place where creativity takes flight. Where energy and boldness overflows. We never fake it, we make it. Good vibes only.

Consulat and their clients ( ) think a good fit can make anything happen.

Take a stroll into CONSULAT's mind

Introducing #teamprod

Seb ( Consulat's Sébastien Boyer ) Gen ( Consulat's Geneviève Croteau )
Eliane ( Consulat's Eliane Sauvé ) Smith ( ) Carolan ( Portrait photo of Consulat producer Carolan Grégoire. ) Mylène ( ) Elyse ( Consulat's Elyse Belmont-Stroh )
Lola-Lou ( Consulat's Lola-Lou Fergeau--Mariko ) Sam ( ) Marie ( )
Christine ( Photo of Consulat accountant Christine Hallak. )

Who dat?!

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