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Les Gamins is the slap in the face that plunges you into a beautiful awakened dream, the perfect journey between the daring organic and the passionate raw.

This duo is a balanced blend of a forward-thinking director and a gifted laid-back DOP ( Vincent Ruel-Cote and Marco Gilbert from Les Gamins filming with camera in the jungle ) Their fusional talent is enhanced by their kickass editing. By obsessing over aesthetics, LES GAMINS’ images tell emotionally-charged stories. Give them any challenge you want—dog mushing, guerilla travelling, hot air ballooning—they'll come back with the full package. Staying low key and keeping it real is a given ( Vincent Ruel-Cote and Marco Gilbert from Les Gamins on top of a hill in the distance )

For Les Gamins and their clients ( Les Gamins clients' logo including 7ieme Ciel Records, Coyote Records, Lole, Sports Experts and TV Unis ) it's all about authenticity at any cost.

To find the guys in the field, follow Vincent's Instagram Instagram logo here and Marco's Instagram logo there. To see all of their projects made over years, visit their Vimeo logo Vimeo.

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