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Les Gamins is the slap in the face that plunges you into a beautiful awakened dream, the perfect journey between the daring organic and the passionate raw.

This duo is a balanced blend of a forward-thinking director and a gifted laid-back DOP ( Vincent Ruel-Cote and Marco Gilbert from Les Gamins filming with camera in the jungle ) Their fusional talent is enhanced by their kickass editing. By obsessing over aesthetics, LES GAMINS’ images tell emotionally-charged stories. Give them any challenge you want—dog mushing, guerilla travelling, hot air ballooning—they'll come back with the full package. Staying low key and keeping it real is a given ( Vincent Ruel-Cote and Marco Gilbert from Les Gamins on top of a hill in the distance )

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For Les Gamins and their clients ( Les Gamins clients' logo including 7ieme Ciel Records, Coyote Records, Lole, Sports Experts and TV Unis ) it's all about authenticity at any cost.

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