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If you’re reading this, it means we’ll be seeing each other shortly ( ) As you know, since we resumed working in this Covid mode, we’ve put in place a lot of measures that work and that allow us to keep on creating in a secure sanitary environment. To keep running it smoothly, we have to always follow the current procedures from INSPQ and CNESST. We also wanted to thank you for your teamwork, it truly is appreciated! For us, it’s running smoothly and all is well. Thank you. We’re all in the same ( cruise boat at sea ) and we make a good team. Because we love you, here is a little debrief right here below. Please make sure you familiarise yourself with it in advance to stay in touch with the evolution of the situation.


First and foremost, let’s be clear: we want you in top shape ( )
Zero symptoms and zero contact with someone diagnosed or at risk. If you have just been on an international flight, we’ll see each other after your mandatory quarantine. It’s simple, we always play it safe. Everyone has a very important role to ensure each individual’s safety. We will provide you with all the required information to easily manage your time with us. Also, note that a top personal hygiene is a win-win for all of us these days( man in shower looking at camera )


When you arrive at Consulat, the very first thing
you need to do is to disinfect your hands and sign.
All comings and goings are counted ( ). If you are with us for a shoot day, a designated sanitary safety person will be welcoming you on set and will get you to sign a document about your participation on a shoot ( Sheldon from Big Bang Theory covering his nose spraying can in the air ) We will provide you with all the Covid-proof individual protection material needed to have a nice day together, so no stress ( people covered in full protective gear ) We can assure you that everything hygiene-related is a top concern for us. All spaces are well thought of in order to accommodate all sanitary requirements, including the tools to make it happen. Throughout the day, we apply many measures like; disinfection of contact areas, ventilation, as well as other interventions, both in our studios and on location.


After arriving and signing, you gotta keep that regular handwash in mind ( man holding his hands up ) Obviously, you will be redoing it many times. It’s one of the most important elements for us to protect each other. You’ll be washing them if you go out to smoke, if you ( grandma blowing her nose ), if you ( ), if you go to the ( gold toilet seat ), if you have to manipulate objects, if you want to eat, etc. Don’t worry, we have everything you need right around you for this to be easy. Even little hand cream if your skin gets irritated from all this washing


Our entire workflow is reviewed to create
more space ( ) for all. We have to reduce to the maximum the number of people present on set and at Consulat. Guestlist only baby ( scary bouncer on white background ) We have all the virtual tools needed for every team member to be involved and creative, even from far away. Schedules are built in a way to accommodate communoicatoins and approvals from a distance, every step of the project ( zoom conference )


The mandatory mask is a major factor in being able to work together. Please, make sure you wear it and manipulate it correctly as recommended ( red cat wearing mask ) Don’t hesitate if you need more information on that mask topic.

6. Craft

All meals, snacks, and beverages are managed and served individually. You’ll have your own little kit ( man taking out something from brown lunch bag ) When it’s time to eat your gourmet catering, don’t worry about a thing, because we have a toughout safe sitting plan for everyone so you can have a space to relax and eat.

7. To each their own bubble

You have to respect the recommended distancing at all times ( two people 6ft apart ) Believe us, we can’t wait to give you a hug and a fist bump ( red-crossed picture of people hugging ) For each production, we arrange well defined working zones for approval stations, technicians and also reserved spaces for all our callborators lile model prepping, set-desing, accessories, and all other elements required for the project. You’ll have your own space ( woman in plastic bubble ) Models also need to keep a distance between each other, unless they are from the same bubble.


We stay updated on how the situation is evolving, as well as the norms from INSPQ and CNESST. No matter the conditions, nothing can stop us from having fun ( ) and being creative. Everything is possible, all we gotta do is to keep on working in team, our spirits open, stay original, find solutions, and cautiously plan everything.

All of our collaborators’ and artists’ needs are addressed in pre-production, especially deliveries and installations. All our projects, meetings and schedules are well tied up together ( two arms making thumbs up coming out of the water ) If you are ever experiencing doubt, insecurities, questionings, turnarounds, please quickly communicate with the production. Keep your good vibes and see you soon! ( )

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