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Paysages by Mathieu Lévesque


Mathieu Lévesque presents his first short film Paysages in which lies a reflection and contemplation on our environment, the creation of our world and the complete destruction of civilization. This technical essay explores ingredients in macro with culinary styling manipulations.

Please turn off your lights; turn up the sound; click on full screen. Now, click on play.

Evolve to Extinction

Evolve to extinction: a fatalistic cycle repeated by all civilizations. Paysages is a reflection on our environment, on the creation of our world. It represents the earth and the violence of evolution: the era of change, the transformation, the warming of our planet, the melting of the ice caps which leads to the flooding of our lands and their imminent destruction. We speak of the annihilation of our civilization, of its decadence.

It is also a reflection on the evolution of humans who manipulate, alter and change their environment, sometimes and often in an unconscious and not very responsible way, without a long term vision. It is not a criticism, but an observation. An observation that puts forward the inevitable collapse of our civilization if nothing is understood and done, if we do not adapt. The inevitable return of power by nature is felt.

From a desire to create with Renaud Robert, a brilliant director of photography and long-time friend of Mathieu, was born this first short film.After several months of work, research, tests, exploration, inspiring moments, meetings and discussions with a multitude of creators from Quebec and overseas, Mathieu Levesque's first film was born.

"I wished to express the infinitely big through the infinitely small. I sought the magnificent through what we do not necessarily observe, but that we are in contact with every day. This game of misleading the eye that erases the ingredient while supporting its presence, changes its definition and our perception."


"Paysages is for me part of an awareness of the random evolution of Life. We imagined a composition that evokes nature so closely that we get lost in it. What would landscapes be without the mystery of their details?

This project allowed me to take up technical challenges in order to transpose Mathieu's vision to the height of our ambitions. The passion to experiment bound the team and allowed us to dare."

Renaud Robert, DOP

"Paysages allowed me to reconnect with my ingredients on an intimate and almost visceral level, giving me the opportunity to discover their hidden gems and immense power.

When Mathieu asks you if you want to play around with food, you know it’ll be a wild ride.”

Leah Léger, Food Stylist

"Paysages is a truly delicate visual piece of work. This was our first collaboration with Mathieu and his team. We were intrigued by the richness and details captured on the various materials and were excited to jump on this collaboration.

We felt we could do a lot to enhance the events of the film. We tried to match the visual style by producing organic and tangible music and sound design that engulfs its listeners.”

Clemens Markart & Simon Dolliana , un.studios Sound Design


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