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SS21 by Kelly Jacob for Little Burgundy

Woman crouching on a blue folded seamless background with cloud-like white paint. She is wearing a pink outfit with pink socks in white sandals.

Kelly Jacob photographed the spring-summer campaign conceptualized by Super Bonjour for the Little Burgundy shoe store.

In collaboration with
Little Burgundy
Smiling man sitting on a white chair on a white background wearing a beige shirt on top of a blue t-shirt, purple shorts, blue socks and black and blue vans. On his shoes are tied blue ballons.
Man sitting on a white chair on top of a background painted with blue and white clouds. He is wearing a yellow t-shirt, tie dye green, blue and white shorts with waterproof breathable vans.
Smiling woman lying down on a white background, holding her feet in the air with an arm reaching one foot. She is wearing white reebok sneakers, snake pants, a knitted beige sweater with colourful polka dots
Woman sitting on a white cyc with the canvas painted with blue sky and white clouds behind her. She is wearing blue-sky and white cloud crocks with a pink dress, she is about to spray the flowers she is holding.
Woman smiling with sun in her eyes, wearing a striped pink, beige and yellow shirt, silver pants, polka dot see-through socks and dock martens. She is sitting on a white chair on a white background, waving her hand, a foot on another chair.
Woman posing in a bridge with a line of fake grass passing under her and climbing up the cyc. She is wearing a wrinkled see-through colorful dress with beige sandals.
Man kneeling on a white cyc, around him are vases with an orange flower in each. He is wearing a beige linen suit with dark beige shorts and little burgundy shoes.
Beauty shot of woman with orange flowers in her curly hair.
Man sitting on fake grass with little white flowers scattered around him. He is wearing black sandals, grey jeans and lilac camisole. He is holding a flower in front on an eye.
Woman in a white room with her feet on the ground but sitting on a chair with its feet on the wall. She is wearing a lilac outfit with beige socks and beige sneakers.
Man wearing a blue denim jacket opened on a blue shirt with blue pants, orange socks and white converse shoes on a white background.
Woman wearing a lilac top and lilac tie dye jeans with pink van's sneakers jumping on a trampoline.
Woman lying on the white cyc. Her lilac sneakers are close to the camera. She is wearing lilac socks, pink shiny shirt and a mint green top. There are a few red flowers around her.
Man smiling, tilted down looking at the camera. He is standing on a white background and wears a blue short sleeved shirt, beige pants and New Balance white sneakers.
Woman lying down on a white floor wearing black heeled sandals, mint green socks and animal-printed dress. There are vases with an orange flower in each scattered around her.
Man sitting on a background made of veils. He is wearing kaki sweatpants, a beige trench coat, tie dye orange socks in white sneakers. He is smiling and holding an orange flower.
Lady smiling with closed eyes, an arm in the air sitting on the white background, wearing a polka dot black see through dress and full white doc martens high top boots.

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