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rapper Zach Zoya face hidden in smog holding up one finger in front of camera in music video Who Dat filmed by Les Gamins

Our role is to support our talents and team them up with the best. We handle it.

SEB BOYER ( Consulat's Sébastien Boyer ) is our CEO, which means he's in the know about pretty much everything. He's the king of our jungle. It never takes too long to figure out what he's thinking, he calls things as he sees them and he always plays fair! With Seb it's no-drama and Buddha style. Seb likes Portuguese chicken, soccer culture and a no-bullshit approach to life and business. Wesh.

GABRIEL ROUSSIL ( Gabriel Roussil photographed by Maxyme G. Delisle ) is our Head of Production, he started at the young age of 5 managing his cousins at a lemonade stand, he then quickly moved on to wholesale import at the age 17. His skills at crunching numbers are only rivaled by his knowledge of Grand Crus. His calm demeanour, focus, keenness and negotiating skills, which make him a precious asset for the team, can only be challenged by his two year old son. Ask him about his Landrover. Ok.

ELIANE SAUVÉ ( Consulat's Eliane Sauvé ) is a producer. She is the definition of modern meets vintage, a sweet, cool ambassador who's always on the lookout. She is the first Consulat employee and because she loves her artists more than anything, she'd go to the end of the world for them. She has many prestigious titles including Queen of Casting and Fabulous Recreational Sommelier, this lovely lady eats all her salads with chopsticks. One love.

GABRIELLE DOYON-HANSON ( ) is our Head of Communication, meaning if you read it, she wrote it. She's the ideal person to talk to if you need a pep talk or talk shop. But don't be fooled: behind her sweet demeanour is a person who has lived more lives than most. Her open-mindedness and unwavering determination make her a remarkable colleague you can always count on. Creative, visionary and passionate of aesthetics and wine, especially wine.

CAROLAN GRÉGOIRE ( Portrait photo of Consulat producer Carolan Grégoire. ) is a producer and when she’s around, things run like a perfectly tuned F1 engine. She's the partner you want for any new challenge where creation flies high and propels her teams to the top! She juggles talent and deadlines with one hand and follows up on emails with the other. She's the mother wolf you want on your side to defend your ideas. Can she read minds? We think so. Get to know the intuitive and caring Cancer who puts her head and heart in all of her projects. Hold on tight.

ELYSE BELMONT-STROH ( Consulat's Elyse Belmont-Stroh ) is a producer, who's the big sister you wish you grew up with. Be warned. Write her name wrong and she’ll judge you. She is the very definition of a smart ass and is the one who will make it out of the maze first. Elyse likes clever humour, with a touch of sarcasm. Her organizational skills and delicate approach give her a whole other level of precision. Elyse loves roller skating and is the queen of the dance floor. Respect.

Smith is famous ( ) and it's no wonder why. This creative producer's presence makes you feel his peaceful and powerful energy. He always wears shades; maybe that's what gives him his mystical powers. He knows how to read a vibe and just gets it. Smith understands people and that's how he's able to surround himself with the best. You'll want him to carry and translate your creative vision. No matter how complex or grandiose the project, he will always push the limits, bounce ideas around, and find all the solutions. Creating is caring!

MAXIME BRISSET ( ) is our graphic designer but also the underdog that no one saw coming. Gracious when it comes to doing his work, this athlete has a sense of repartee that will knock your socks off. Hilarious and reliable; you want him on your team. Consuming books and culture as much as we drink water every day, he’ll lean into any conversation without hesitation. Don't be fooled by his GQ fresh swag, this boy has depth till beyond. He is what we call good company.

LOLA-LOU FERGEAU--MARIKO ( Consulat's Lola-Lou Fergeau--Mariko ) is a production coordinator, a Taurus with a rising sign in Leo. She finds her balance wearing her roller skates at the office by day and at the skate park by night. If you throw her a challenge, be sure because she won't give up. We love her eclectic tastes in terms of fun, as much as her Swiss-Army-Knife-personality, that one day, may save you. What she loves above all is enjoying life and sharing. Eat, drink, and stomping her feet is her motto. Besos.

SAMUEL PETITCLERC ( ) is a production coordinator, a guy who’s fast and precise like your favourite freshly sharpened knife. He's already won the Hunger Games twice! We admire him not only for his ability to store all the sports news results in his memory, but also for his background as a Zamboni operator. Sam is into all things local and will be a great pottery class partner or co-chef for creating homemade pasta. Tigidou!

MARIE-JEANNE ANGLEHART ( Marie-Jeanne Anglehart photographed by Maxyme G. Delisle ) is our go go go production coordinator, getting shit done before you even asked her to do it. Her sarcasm may make you wonder if you should laugh or not; she’ll definitely keep you on your toes. Her stern ambition with her warmth makes her a go-to when finding solutions for practically anything. Always keeping it fresh, this fashionista is a pro at OOTD and Consulat's hallways are basically her runway. If you ask her, she’ll gladly write the pathway for your own swag.

Nina Gibelin ( Nina Gibelin, studio manager at Consulat, photographed by Maxyme G. Delisle ) is our studio manager, which means she is Consulat’s very own gear guru. Though she works with gear all day long, she is a social lovebug and will always be down to chill with you or join any social gathering. Anytime, anywhere, you can have a chat with her, especially if you want to talk about cinema…or anything Timothée Chalamet related. But beware: don’t offer her anything with cucumbers, coriander or pickles, she hates them so much they could ruin her day. A glass of good red wine is more likely to win her heart. Tuto va bene.

CHRISTINE HALLAK ( Photo of Consulat accountant Christine Hallak. ) is our accountant technician, an angel to us all. She looks after our finances with kindness, care and dedication. When she's not crunching numbers, she spends her downtime as a near-intermediate rider and working on the miniature model of her future stable. She loves sewing, plants and drinks her coffee from a dancing unicorn mug that's just like her cool, colourful personality. Take just one look at her smile and sweet vibe, and you’ll want to get to know her. Don't worry be happy.

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