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Kelly's special touch comes from their ability to honor everyone's talent. Let all your guards down, they'll lay it all on the line.

With Kelly, no ego trips are needed. She's ready to hear you and ready to amplify your voice ( two models shot by Kelly Jacob ) Whatever the idea, whatever the path. There's no judgement here. Her philosophy: listen more than you talk. Her creative approach always unfolds with respect, integrity and class ( Ariane Moffatt shot by Kelly Jacob for her album Petites Mains Précieuses with silver sequins on her eyelids ) She sets the mood by keeping it real. A smooth ride with a guaranteed smile. Strong on the outside and chill on the inside.

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Kelly and her clients (Kelly Jacob's clients logos including Aubainerie, Vichy Laboratories, Lise Watier, Sicky Magazine and Centre du Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui) create strong bonds.

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