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Pascal Brousseau is the puppet master of your imaginary world. This animation director and illustrator has a craftsmanship superpower.

Pascal works with his hands as much as with his graphic pad. He's fluent in both digital and manual. He is the easygoing conductor that knows how to play all the instruments of his band ( Sico by Pascal Brousseau ) Illustration, storyboarding, animation, set-design, stop-motion are all under his belt. So when leading, he knows ( Timing story by Pascal Brousseau for Beside ) Pascal is a body and soul, all or nothing kind of guy. Deep diving please.

Pascal and his clients ( Pascal Brousseau's clients logo including Lesters, Desjardins, Bank of Canada, Sico and Fanta ) pull all the strings to make it come true.

Take a stroll inside Pascal's mind

Take a peak at some of his sketches on Instagram logo Instagram & check out more of his projets overweb icon here

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