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Dédale Inc. by Guillaume Simoneau and Vincent RC for Desjardins


Desjardins Entreprises created a dynamic campaign, conceptualized by Bleublancrouge, showcasing entrepreneurship and the people behind each idea.

Two of our talents came together to bring these refreshing visuals to light; Guillaume Simoneau photographed while Les Gamins filmed & directed.

In collaboration with
photo of woman writing on an acrylic sheet
Founder of Serres Toundra speaking on the phone by crates of cucumbers in a greenhouse.
Close-up of zucchini flower.

The institution highlights Quebec entrepreneurs who have called on their services to finance and grow their business. See Cook it, Laserax, Versa profiles and Tundra greenhouses.

Woman in a factory grabbing 5 yellow pipes on a table.
Pipes rolled in huge rings piled up on palettes outside with some pipes on a distributor.
Founder of Laserax replugging cables on a machine in his warehouse.
Large arm laser.
Woman founder of Cook It preparing a soup in a modern white very bright kitchen.
Birdview close up of three foods boxes being packed in warehouse.
Photo in a bright warehouse of piles of Cook It boxes on palettes and stacked besides.

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