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Dédale Inc. by Guillaume Simoneau and Les Gamins for Desjardins


Guillaume photographed while Les Gamins directed the video for this campaign for Desjardins Entreprises. Bleublancrouge leads this project focused on the people behind the entrepreneurial projects.

In collaboration with

The institution highlights Quebec entrepreneurs who have called on their services to finance and grow their business. See Cook it, Laserax, Versa profiles and Tundra greenhouses.

Woman founder of Cook It preparing a soup in a modern white very bright kitchen.
Birdview close up of three foods boxes being packed in warehouse.
Close up of a bunch of lemons in a big box.
Photo in a bright warehouse of piles of Cook It boxes on palettes and stacked besides.
Woman entrepreneur founder of Cook It standing in her bright kitchen.
Founder of Laserax replugging cables on a machine in his warehouse.
Large arm laser.
Bird view of cement on white laser tests have been done.
Close up of hand on a laser machine plan, taking notes on it.
Black arm laser machine with creator standing besides it in a garage.
Woman in a factory grabbing 5 yellow pipes on a table.
Pipes rolled in huge rings piled up on palettes outside with some pipes on a distributor.
Wall of yellow pipes piled together.
Two people are passing each other a cut yellow pipe.
Two founders of pipe business Versaprofiles posing against their material outside.
Founder of Serres Toundra speaking on the phone by crates of cucumbers in a greenhouse.
Close-up of zucchini flower.
Close up of zucchini plants with many zucchinis in flower.
Founder of Serres Toundra posing in his greenhouse with caddies full of cucumbers.

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Two people are passing each other a cut yellow pipe.

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