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SAQ by Bruno Florin for Cossette


As part of the Saint-Jean national holiday, Bruno Florin directed the brand documentary producteur d'adoption presented by the SAQ.

The film and photo narrative presents Janos Sivo, creator of one of the first Quebec whiskeys, Maison Sivo. It tells the story of his immigration from Hungary, his passion for the land and his connection to Quebec.

In collaboration with
Portrait of man a little aged. He has a nice smile, sparkling eyes, wears a dark blue shirt and a cap, he is in front of a stable wall. Janos Sivo, founder of Maison Sivo.
Image of gold and steel distillation machine.

Discover in five acts the little revolution
that Janos Sivo created in Quebec.

"Being myself the grandson of Italian immigrants in France and now a French immigrant in Canada, I connected a lot with Janos Sivo during our telephone conversations. The result is this film that is very special to my heart and gives a perspective on the encounter between a man and a territory."

Bruno Florin, Director & Photographer

Behind the scenes picture. We see a camera man filming Jonas Sivo walking in his field.
In the distillation barn, Janos Sivo, founder of Maison Sivo, is holding a bottle of Quebec made single malt whisker. The picture is a close up on the hands holding the bottle.
Photo of Jonas Sivo preparing the fruits for the alcohol fermentation in his stable.

"As is often the case with Cossette, I had a lot of freedom to create the film I had in mind. A relationship of trust was established over the last few years and this co-creation brought something unique to this project."

Bruno Florin, Director & Photographer

Photo of Jonas Sivo walking in his production field with an orange sundown and textured clouds in the sky.

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