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Alexi Hobbs lets his instincts guide him when capturing the magic of any given moment.

Alexi is a soft-spoken, cozy vibe kinda guy. It's his passion and strong instincts that speak the loudest. His captivating photographic style results from a journey into the unplanned, where his intuitive creativity capitalizes on everyday imperfections. Come to him with specific ideas and let him surprise you!

Alexi and his clients ( photographer Alexi Hobbs clients including Air Inuit logo, Tudor logo, Want Les Essentiels logo, Canada goose logo, Agropur logo, The New Yorker logo, GQ logo ) turn the simple into the beautiful.

Take a stroll inside Alexi's mind

On Alexi’s Instagram logo Instagram, you’ll find real people in real places in real time. You’ll also meet a dog or two. His web icon website features a mix of personal and commercial projects.

Interested in Alexi’s instinctive skills?

black female model wearing bag from Want Les Essentiels from pre summer-spring 2019 collection photographed by Alexi Hobbs

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