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Everything Studio TB touches becomes stylish and beautiful. Once you're in their hands, let their creative flair take you away.

Your brief is just the tip of the iceberg. For this art direction duo, visual creation rhymes with happiness ( girl smiling holding an almond green purse against her face on light blue background ) Always flirting with big and crazy ideas, they know how to set the tone and define an atmosphere ( man sitting on bench with shirt open holding a cup of coffee looking at camera ) From the creative strategy to set design and up to the styling, their art direction always has a well-thought-out DNA. Their approach is bullshit-free, with a touch of elegance and delight ( two white vases with single branches inside them against white curtains )

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Studio TB and their clients (Studio TB's clients logo including Odeyalo, Metro, Mackage, Garneau and Jean-Paul Fortin) make things look sophisticated.

Can Studio TB define the look of your next project?

curly haired male model wearing black worksuit jacket and pants holding briefcase branded Hyperbureau looking at camera for Collector's Cut by Hyperbureau with styling and artistic direction by Studio TB

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