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Elle est partie by Studio TB for Sarahmée


Studio TB created an impressive set for the music video directed by JB Proulx for rapper Sarahmée featuring artist Nissa Seych.

Elle est partie is an allegory about success against all odds, a sort of "it's our time to shine" in a feminine way.

Behind the scenes image in a black studio, the cameraman is filming Sarahmée standing on a pedestal with the dancers sitting around her.

The luminous cube symbolizes the fame of the hip hop industry and the box it might want to put Sarahmée in. The dancers embody the pressure of the male dominated industry that is rap. Yet she remains the strongest.

Behind the scenes photo with dancers wearing beige suits posing under a big cube which is lighted in a black studio.

"In developing the collaboration with Sarahmée, my goal is always to find the best talent to bring the director's vision to life, in this case for the video Elle est Partie, JB Proulx. Studio TB's strong sense of aesthetics and understanding of beauty and minimalism made them the perfect fit for this project."

Smith, Creative Producer


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