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Witch by Adrian Villagomez for Apashe


Adrian Villagomez partners up with Belgian Record Producer Apashe in this raw and outstanding music video titled Witch.

The essence of this inspiring collaboration is Alina, a Ukrainian artist with mesmerizing energy who claims to have magical powers.

The production took place in Ukraine and Quebec. Take a glance at this tour de force and compelling storytelling.

Choreographers on top of each other forming a spinal shape in the sky

''The stakes were high, the uncertainty was real but everyone pulled through and offered even more than what we could of ask for. At our arrival in Ukraine, everything was set for us. It was truly a thrilling and powerful experience.''

Witch Alina holding a torch in front of her face
Composer Apashe crucified with a fire torch before his eyes

''This collaboration succeeded because we all trusted each other.''

Alina the witch with her dancers in front of a statue
Contortionist dancing in a crowd in Apashe's videoclip Witch
empty png
Apashe's silhouette in an abandonned building in Ukraine

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