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Black woman posing in a white studio

Discover warm and poetic portraits highlighting sensuality & natural beauty, a true homage to body positivity. You'll recognize the intuitive ability of our photographer Maxyme G. Delisle to celebrate beauty & vulnerability.

We are deeply moved to share that there's been no photo retouching in this artwork.

We find Bliss quite compelling; we hope you will too!

Bliss by Maxyme G. Delisle

''I'd like complexes to be less present in our heads and in our lives. Each one of us should feel pretty in its own way!''

— Gaëlle, She

Woman with short hair sitting on a concrete structure wearing lingerie

''I wanted to do something to empower the women around me in my life.''

— Maxyme G. Delisle, Photographer

“I embrace the jiggle. The stripes. The soft. The firm. The smooth. The rough… and the in-between. Because for me, that is salvation. That is self-love.”

— Abigail, She

Bliss by Maxyme G. Delisle

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