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Throw Shapes by Oumayma B. Tanfous for Kinfolk


Oumayma created this kids' editorial for Kindling's first edition, a new magazine by Kinfolk for parents. The concept of this shoot revolved around shadow theatre.

In collaboration with
Magazine opened on two pages of kids doing funny mimics with their hands like shadow shows for an editorial for kindling.
Picture of the magazine Kindling with a yellow cover and black drawing by a kid on it on an orange table.
Kids doing shadow shows with their hands. We only see their shadow in a circle of light behind a hung white fabric.

"The kids had to stay still and it was a near impossible mission! All in all, it was a very fun project and I'm glad I could contribute to the very first issue of the magazine."

Oumayma B. Tanfous, Photographer

Young black kid looking aside sitting on a beige yellow background with his hands forward in a funny pause.
Three bipoc kids standing in line and sideways on apple boxes and doing funny mimics with their hands for a shadow show.
Little bipoc girl making the muscle arms pause with her head looking sideways with her eyes closed. She is wearing a pink one-piece.
Little boy pretending he is a tall adult in a trench coat in a shadow show. We only see his shadow in a round circle of light.
Little bipoc boy proudly standing on white apple boxe. He is wearing a fabric crown.
Picture of two pages of a magazine in which kids do funny mimics with their hands like glasses with their fingers.

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