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It’s come as you are in Oumayma B. Tanfous' world. Somewhere between documentary and fashion, the imperfect becomes perfect.

Oumayma says you can always judge a good ice cream maker by the quality of their pistachio flavour and she likes to infuse her own unique flavour into all of her projects ( portrait of girl looking at camera hair in the wind by Oumayma B Tanfous ) For her, good teamwork never fails to up her creative game ( young man looking surprised by Oumayma B Tanfous ) She adds her spark to every project she touches, gently crafting her youthful aesthetic and unique framing ( ballet dancer sitting cross legged on bench by Oumayma B Tanfous )

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Oumayma and her clients (Oumayma B Tanfous's clients logo including Dazed, Maison Birks, Lancome, Vogue and Herschel) have the guts to keep it real.

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female dressed in orange portrait surrounded by hands for Maison Birks by Oumayma B. Tanfous

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