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Lord & Master by Adrian Villagomez for Apashe


Adrian Villagomez directed for Apashe, his long time collaborator, this acclaimed video clip featured in Billboard. It's about how the arts and entertainment industry can be brutal for up-and-coming stars.

"Apashe's latest music video is a stunning cross between 'Black Swan' & 'Star Wars': Watch."

Katie Bain, Billboard*

Dark close up of dancer of the videoclip with a shaved head.
Dark still from the videoclip.
Still close up of danser of the videoclip with a shaved head.
Videoclip still of Apashe with actress in background.
Videoclip still of danser starting her performance with one arm in the air.
Videoclip still of an explosion of red with danser fighting through it.
Video still of danser holding a light sabre about to start the fight.
Video still of fight scene with danser surrounded by other dancers in a fight scene.
Video still of animated special effect red mean mouse shooting laser beams with its eyes.
Video still of videoclip, dancer is bowing to the crowd of the stage.

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