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Épatante Patate by Mathieu Lévesque for Producteurs de pommes de terre du Québec


New ad campaign promoting Quebec potatoes and their place on our plates, directed by Mathieu Lévesque.

You'll find characters in these funny short videos, reminding us of the qualities of these loved vegetables highlighted by the director's style.

In collaboration with
Aliments du Québec
potato advertisement for Épatante Patate
lady wearing glasses and lipstick blue background
Photography of a Girl talking about potatoes in front of blue background

"It was interesting to incorporate actors in the project, which is not common for me, while maintaining an aesthetic that fits with my usual style. It was also an opportunity to collaborate with the creative director Michel Barrière, with whom I had not worked for a long time."

Mathieu Lévesque
Director & Photographer

Behind the scenes

behind the scenes lady glasses and lipstick blue background
Picture of a women preparing the set for épatante patate publicity shoot.
shoot setting with technicians placing the scene

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