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Mathieu Lévesque lives for making the unthinkable happen. Buckle up for a wild hungry ride.

Mathieu knows how to rally the troops around his creative vision ( bottle of detergent transforming into snow shovel on yellow background by Mathieu Levesque ) He's demanding when it counts and that's why his work has perfect flavor in every bite. This technical master never leaves anything to chance ( Techo-Bloc by Mathieu Levesque ) He strives to hit a home run on all of his projects and his success comes from caring about even the tiniest details ( liquid shampoo falling from the sky into the shape of a bottle on blue background by Mathieu Levesque )

Mathieu and his clients (logos of Mathieu Lévesque's clients: Les Producteurs de lait du Québec, SAQ, Subway)
make it look easy.

You can learn more about Mathieu's projects on Behance logo Behance and his new web icon website. Follow him on Instagram logo Instagram.

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