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Nouveau Projet 19 by Maxyme G. Delisle for Atelier 10


Maxyme created a photo essay centered on the precious human contact while the pandemic makes physical proximity almost inaccessible. Editorial for the Nouveau Projet magazine.

In collaboration with
Atelier 10

To meet again.
One year already.
At first, it was spring. We passed by each other in the streets, we kept polite distances. We could still see each other.
Then winter came. The curfew, the isolation.
Elbow bumps, fake hugs, endless Zoom. Anything to try to forget the time that has passed since the last time we could hug our brother, our mother, our grandchildren, our best friend.
How much longer?
That's how it started. With the idea of illustrating what seemed so simple a year ago and has since become a privilege, a luxury. I searched for people who, in their bubble, have what others no longer have: the right to hug, to touch, to squeeze.

Maxyme G. Delisle, Photographer

"For the past year, this pandemic has kept us from having physical contact with the people we love. My concept for this cover: to share, as widely as possible, an image of love and comfort. To offer everyone a little tenderness, while waiting for a brighter future, where it will be possible to find the soothing warmth of contact with our loved ones."

Jean-François Proulx, AD.


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