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Sico by Simon Duhamel for Substance


Simon Duhamel, a color expert, did the photography and DOP for this Sico campaign directed by Emile Lavoie. Shades to your colour stars the famous quebec humouristic duo Les Denis Drolet.

In collaboration with
Color blocking of blue : the room is painted blue, the door a different blue, the table a different blue. There is a golden pot and a pack of six light blue eggs.
A golden bar cart holds a plant in a golden pot and three mojito drinks in front of a green painted wall.
Duo Denis Drolet in a blue colour blocking style room.
Room with fake grass carpet and sofa with an apparently painted bonzaï.
Blue wall with wood shelves and gold or blue kitchen objects on them.
Denis Drolet duo in a kitchen where everything is blue with some gold details. One man is seems to be cooking but he is holding a paint stick.
Blue room with a blue fridge and fake looking blue sky through a rounded window.
Close up of a plastic alligator on a transparent table with a gold pot of plants with a green wall.
Duo Denis Drolet making funny faces on a sofa covered with fake grass and a green wall.

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