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Known for his international campaigns, award-winning director & photographer Simon Duhamel is a master of light and vibrant creativity.

Simon wants you to know: if you can imagine it, he can put it in pictures ( Simon Duhamel's shot for Fizz: girl with mirror eggs as eyes ) It's a smart move to always invite him into your brainstorming session. His job is to find solutions to unanswered questions ( Simon Duhamel for Jour De La Terre ) or to find the answers to the questions you have not yet asked ( Simon Duhamel's photoshoot for McDonald's recreating a Big Mac out of furnitures )

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For Simon and his clients (Simon Duhamel's clients logo including Cirque du Soleil, McDonald's, Fizz, Vans Off The Wall, Loto-Quebec and Oppo) everything is well thought out.

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surrealist shot of flamingos on a scale by Simon Duhamel for Fizz

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