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Analogue Dream by Maxyme G. Delisle for Prospero Theater


A campaign inspired by an analog dream using graphic design and surrealist photography.

In collaboration with
"The mutual trust established between Bryan and I allowed us to explore a huge playfield during the shoot portion, as well as during the post production process. We were looking to keep the mechanisms as analog as possible and the results we achieved directly served our initial inspirations and are a complement to Prospero’s past campaigns."
Maxyme G.-Delisle, Photographer
"What I loved about working with Maxyme is the natural complicity which was apparent as we collaborated on developing the ideas together. It was also appreciated by all to have the comedians contribute creatively to the visual output. They too were involved in the creation of visuals on set and everybody appreciated that. Many believe this is the most beautiful campaign for Prospero yet!"
— Bryan-K. Lamonde, DA

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