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Doordash by Simon Duhamel for Substance


Simon created the photo for this animated Doordash campaign. The delivery service promotes its use on July 1st, the official moving day - which only exists in Quebec.

In collaboration with
A man is transporting a gigantic doordash food container with noodles and a shrimp. He is walking on the sidewalk, the background is pink and there are drawn clouds.
Three young people fashionably dressed are transporting huge food items (a cola, fries and a pizza) from doordash delivery. They are walking on the sidewalk with a pink background behind them.
A young woman is carrying an enormous blue bubble tea, bigger than her own size, on a fake sidewalk with a pink background.
Two young styling people are moving a sushi box the size of a couch. The background is an illustrated pink sky with drawn clouds and Doordash delivery graphic design.

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