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Selfies by Jocelyn Michel

Consulat's Jocelyn Michel with musician Hubert Lenoir

Jocelyn Michel's signature: end a photo shoot with a selfie! We discover the artist's humorous and explosive personality as he goes from behind the camera to in front of it... alongside the star.

Picture of singer Corneille with photographer Jocelyn Michel



"I candidly call them my crappy selfies. These impromptu moments are a semi-elegant - but always respectful - way for me to highlight the visit of a highly relevant cultural personality in front of my camera.

Jocelyn Michel, Photographer

''This little ritual allows me to end a photo session with a few laughs. Over the years, these images have formed a collection in itself, a unique series that reflects my love for humor and self-deprecation in my approach. "

Jocelyn Michel, photographer


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