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Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma by Simon Duhamel for Havas

Actor who sculpted a camera with pop corn is staring at his sculpture with his glue gun in front of a red background.

Simon Duhamel signs the photography for the RVQC campaign conceptualised by Havas Montreal. Your Movie Theater Misses You showcases Quebec actors and actresses jaded by their pandemic pastimes who are dreaming of seeing their industry alive again.

In collaboration with
An actor is staring, very blasé, at a bonsai he trimmed in the shape of a movie set chair.
An actress, Sophie Nélisse, is staring at the void with a log of wood she carved into theater movie seating rows.

"Working with advertising artisans like Carle, Vanessa and Félix-Antoine to celebrate our cinema is a blast. From the production to the props to the shoot with the actors, it's been a real collaborative effort from start to finish!"

Simon Duhamel, photographer


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