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Oumayma created the campaign images for Afterglo's launch, while the product shots were done by artistic director Studio TB and photographer Julien Grimard. The brand offers exclusive creations as well as a selection of intimate and personal care products.

In collaboration with
Beige chiaroscuro decor with a hand reaching to a black matt vibrator penis ring.
Close up shot of hand touching a naked torso.
Book with a soft cover of an orange tint titled THE FEMINIST PORN BOOK in yellow on an orange background.
Close up blurred picture of couple kissing on the lips.
Hard cover beige book with sex tricks illustrations and orange title JOUISSANCE CLUB on an orange background.
Hand holding a hand blown transparent and colourless butt plug on a beige background with light shining through the sex toy.

"I liked the Afterglo project right away. I found Khoa and Kim's approach and values super interesting: themes like diversity and inclusiveness, which are often clumsily discussed and applied, were well thought out and at the core of the project."

Oumayma B. Tanfous, Photographer

Close up of two people hugging. We see the arm of a man holding a naked woman, her face in on his body.
Rose quartz wand dildo on a beige background with a hand grabbing it.
Close up of a woman posing her breasts against the back of a man.
Iroha kushi Japan clitoral vibrators on an orange background.
Hand reaching for a clear pump bottle of Uberlube sex lubricant.
Side portrait of a woman holding herself up on her elbows with her eyes closed and head tilted with pleasure in front of a pink background.

"I had already photographed a brand of intimate products. The challenge for me was to photograph nudity — which I rarely do — in a studio surrounded by many people. Through the kindness of each member of the team, we managed to create warm and soft images, while evoking the sensuality of Afterglo."

Oumayma B. Tanfous, Photographer

Two intertwined bodies.
Vibe Vibrating Swirl Texture Butt Plug Orange Swirl Texture Plug Vibrating Anal butt plug.
Two bodies side by side lying on their bellies, we only see their lower backs and butts.

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