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noémiah by Studio TB and Kelly Jacob

Close up focused on a ring on a hand, we can see half of a face behind.

Under the artistic direction of Studio TB, Kelly Jacob photographed the SS21 lookbook for noémiah, a clothing and accessory brand designed in Montreal by Noémie Vaillancourt.

In collaboration with
Woman wearing a baby blue organza dress and white booties sitting on a white metal chair in a beige decors.
Two ladies standing up wearing the same organza empire waist dress. One is wearing a black version, the other a pink version.
Blond lady crouching in a white and beige decors. She is wearing a beige organza dress with a black kimono shaped garment on top.
Ona lady standing wearing a black empire waist sleeveless dress with gold shoes and a pink handbag. The other lady is sitting on a chair wearing a beige empire waist sleeveless dress with a black purse.
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Lady showing her back but turning her head to the camera. She is wearing a kimono like black garment with a flower embroidery in the back. Under it she wears a beige organza dress with pink socks and sandals.

"noémiah is a brand that expresses the poetic elegance of femininity. Through the artistic direction of this project, we try to anchor romantic creations in a more tangible environment. To project this complicity and intimacy specific to women and let the garment speak for itself."

STUDIO TB, Artistic Director

Portrait of blond lady wearing a baby blue organza dress with a black collar and a flower embroidery stitched with pink and white thread.

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